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Finding Soul Friends

Growing up I had best friends. They have always been a bright memory for me when I look back at my life and childhood. The transition into adulthood was a turbulent and confusing time for me that I handled very ungracefully. The transition into motherhood was also swift and sudden for me, and I found myself focused on education and my child instead of myself. During this time I also lost touch with friends. None of my friends were mothers at that point, so it was a lonely fade realizing friendships changed when we change.

As I grew used to motherhood and finished my bachelors degree I found myself yearning for friends again. New friends slowly popped up here and there. I can't recall any significant friendships during that time of my life, or any truly meaningful ones. I was also consuming alcohol often at this point in my life. When alcohol became a problem and I finally loved myself enough to quit drinking, I found myself once again, lonely without real friends. My friend circle was highly intertwined with alcohol, which no longer aligned with my vibration or lifestyle choices, so I slipped back socially and focused more on healing and my family.

After my third daughter was born I had family (that are true friends to me as well), encourage me to start a Reiki business. I was so alone and purposeless, yet this idea of starting to help others heal inspired me deeply. Starting this business really catapulted my spiritual journey and I am eternally grateful. In the beginning it wasn't a business, more like an Instagram page for positivity and inspiration- but that was where it all began. At that very same time I also started to manifest real and true friendships. I would thank the universe for my loving, accepting, fun and spiritual friends. I would thank the universe as if I already had these friendships- manifesting works best in present tense. I was so lonely for a sisterhood, yet instead of focusing on that darker feeling, I looked forward to what the Universe was bringing my way. You have to truly feel and believe it when you're manifesting for it to work. Within a week after I started this I randomly ran into an old acquaintance at the TLC concert that Dave surprised me with tickets for. This friend sat down next to me and randomly asked, "Do you know what Reiki is?" I laughed and said hell yes I know what Reiki is. She was my first gift from the universe. We have grown so very close and she has taught me so much about self love and spirituality and has shown me unconditional friendship through many phases of my life. This was over two years ago.

I kept manifesting for my tribe. I didn't care how big my tribe was, but I knew I was worthy of a few loving true soul friendships and I was ready for them. I kept healing and working on myself and thanking the universe for my future soul tribe friends. I would imagine us laughing and crying together, encouraging each other, and loving one another for who we really are- flaws and all.

These friends slowly started pouring into my life, without any effort on my part. They would just appear, one by one. I don't have a huge tribe, but that's not what I yearned for nor what I asked for. My tribe is quality over quantity, real, loving, fun and accepting. I now have a few friends that have become my best friends and I feel so totally seen and so very blessed.

Here are some of the favorite things about my soul sisters that have come into my life:

I feel like I can be myself. This is important because I come with many moods and many "selves" at times. I can be organized or messy, funny or serious, sad or happy, professional or feral, and I can express my emotions with these women without fear of judgement.

Don't have to overexplain or justify- they just GET IT. Because they know and have been through similar things. I don't need to justify anything - they love me anyways.

Comfortable with silence- this one is a big one for me because I have never been okay with silence. But my soul sisters are teaching me the love and beauty found in just being near someone- even with little words sometimes.

Receive advice without thinking it's criticism - this is huge for me too. I can receive advice MOST of the time because I KNOW it's coming from a LOVING place when they express concerns or advice for me. I WANT their opinions and have grown to cherish their thoughts. They help guide me when I'm stuck.

Laugh and be silly- make noises without caring if I look pretty or good. This is big. When I think something is really funny I SNORT! I used to hold it back, but around these women I literally CANT hold it back and I don't want to. 🤍 They know I'm weird and love me more for it.

I can ask for help without feeling like a burden - wow. This itself is gold. I am learning how to ask for help and working on the next step: receiving. My soul friends have shown me HOW to ask for help, that it's okay to ask for help, and they SHOW up when I do ask for help.

They make everything feel better- our vibes are aligned: be with people who lift your vibration. People who make you feel better just by being around them. People that make your energy feel lighter. It's medicine. It's pure gold.

I am able to use my soul sisters as a mirror in a positive way- they reflects back to me that I am worthy and lovable and wonderful just for being ME.

You know who you are, my soul friends. Thank you for being exactly you and nothing more, nothing less.

If you feel like you want to find your soul tribe, start where I did and thank the universe for your wonderful and loving friends. Feel the love. Imagine they are already in your life. Do it every night before you fall asleep. Be open when new people randomly pop into your life. Be patient and trust that the universe will deliver, because she always does.

Sending you so much love.....


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