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Hey there, it's your girl. Very eager to be typing and to express myself through this channel to whomever it may lead to. I have to admit, I have so many ideas that I haven't been able to put any into words yet. So this is a monumental moment where I have found the space energetically, physically and mentally to start typing. It's the getting started that has always been a difficult feat for me.

While I have been growing into the role of a healer and teacher, I have also been growing and healing myself in numerous ways. It's like the deeper I go, the more areas that need healing pop up. It doesn't seem to appear in a gentle manner these days, more like a fierce and cold wave that splashes up and hits me right in the face. Waves so strong I have to do everything I can to stay on my feet. Yup, I have fallen on my butt a lot lately, and I get back up- stronger.

I want to use this space to express myself and share my experiences in this experiment we call life. Hey, we all chose to be here and my soul is yearning to sing its own story. Maybe it's my Leo rising coming out, wanting to share what I have experienced, learned, wondered about and whatever else may come through. I know my Virgo Moon wants to be heard, but has been so critical that I may never even click publish on this first post- we shall see. But my Aries sun is shining through tonight, loud and ferociously. I am going to go for it, because, why not?

Thank you for allowing me space in your world. I hope something in my words finds you exactly where you may need.

We cannot heal alone. Sending you so much strength and courage as you make your way.

With Love,


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