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We Hold the Key

We are often the holders of the keys to our own chains and locks.

Our minds imprison ourselves to the stories we tell ourselves, to the stories that others tell us.

We sit in a cold and dark box, thinking we are stuck.

We wait for someone to save us, to unlock our chains.

But the truth is that no one can save us.

The beautiful reality is that we hold the keys to release ourselves from bondage.

All we have to do is ask our hearts to open.

Ask our hearts to whisper where the keys are hiding.

Remind our minds that it is safe to listen to our hearts.

Once we listen, we will find the key.

We will see the path to freedom.

The path will suddenly appear much brighter and clearer than before.

Once we find the keys, we will realize the box we thought we were stuck in was never even locked.

We are free to leave.

We've always been free to leave.

It's time to free ourselves.

Be brave.

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