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Long Distance Reiki -30 min +Follow Up

Follow up includes an energetic summary of your Chakras & any intuitive messages that I may receive.

  • 45 min
  • 65 US dollars
  • From the comfort of your own home!

Service Description

Enjoy a Long Distance Reiki Session for 30 minutes. Long Distance Reiki is a powerful form of energy healing that transcends physical boundaries, allowing the Reiki healing energy to flow across space and time to the recipient. Through intention and focused energy, Bailee will tap into the universal life force energy (Reiki) and channel it to the you during the appointment time. It has been shown to promote deep relaxation, stress reduction, and overall increased well-being. Despite the physical separation, Long Distance Reiki has proven to be highly effective, providing profound healing experiences and revitalizing the body, mind, and spirit for individuals seeking balance and restoration! Reiki is great for emotional and physical healing. It also opens your energetic pathways and balances your Chakras. Treat yourself to a session for self care and a chance to unwind while receiving beautiful healing energy. Long Distance Reiki surprises many when they realize for the first time how well it works when one is open to receive healing!! :) ___________________________________________________________________________ During your Reiki session time you can relax or meditate while I send the Reiki energy. After the 30 min we will meet online (zoom, facetime, or email- whichever you prefer) for an energetic follow up. I will also provide any intuitive messages that I received during the session. You should expect to feel relaxed and may even fall asleep during the Reiki healing. You can meditate, relax, watch TV, read, or do a calming activity (such as a puzzle or doodling) while I am sending the Reiki. Just be open to receiving any healing. You can help yourself remain open by stating an intention such as, "I am open to receiving the Reiki healing from Bailee for my highest good. Please help me receive the healing energy." Just keep an open mind, and an open heart- sit back & relax while the healing unfolds. I am excited to work with you on your healing journey!

Cancellation Policy

Please contact me for rescheduling if possible.

Contact Details


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