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Reiki Level II Practitioner Level Class Manual! Completely editable and yours to use to teach & spread the Reiki love! 
This template covers all the information you need to teach non-traditional Reiki Level II Practitioner Certification:

Reiki Level II
Reiki Level II Symbols
Protecting your Energy
Reiki Sessions
Intuitive Reiki
Emotional Releases
Hand Positions
Distant Healing
Distance Methods
Distance Steps
Healing Techniques
Reiki Journal

When you purchase this Canva Editable template it will be YOURS to keep, edit & do whatever you wish with!
What's next? Ensure you have Canva (free version is okay) Click the link on the file that will be presented after checkout. It will take you right to Canva and the template is YOURS! Add in your information, picture, bio + feel free to make any other changes! You are ready to teach! Thanks for spreading the Reiki love!
Please only use this to TEACH Reiki, please do not take this template to resell, for copywrite and ethical purposes. Iam selling this and trusting your integrity. <3

Reiki II Certification Manual- Teaching Workbook

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