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Let yourself be wild

This message of being wild and free recently has been on my heart. Why have I been putting a lid on my box? Why am I in a box anyways?

My box is sometimes filled with anxiety , never ending to do lists, and irritation. I try to let go and I hit the lid of the box open and usually sit back down in the mess of lower vibrations. Let's face it, sometimes it's easier and sometimes I just feel stuck- as if I'm super-glued down to the box.

But then I have beautiful moments where the box no longer exists and I'm free to stretch and be silly, laugh and not care, smile and mean it, love someone exactly as they are and to dance. None of those beautiful moments exist when I'm in my box.

Let yourself be wild.

Let yourself be wild.

Let yourself be wild.

This was a message I channeled while doing Reiki tonight and it really struck a cord for me. It applied to the person I was working on, but gosh, it applied to me too. I think she lives in a box similar to mine. We both needed to hear that it's time to throw off that lid and to be brave enough to slowly climb out of this box.

Just let yourself be wild. Try to be free. Get the hell out of the box. I can't wait to see what happens. 🤍

I'll report back.

But for now, I'll be busy letting myself be wild for a bit.



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